Withdrawing Funds from TopX Casino: Step-by-step Instructions

Playing for money at the online casino TopX, everyone hopes to hit a big win and take the money quickly. This is why you must explore the TopX withdrawal process in advance and do everything correctly. We have prepared a detailed review of payouts to help you avoid problems with TopX withdrawal and attached step-by-step instructions. Play, win, and withdraw with confidence.

What are the Withdrawal Methods at TopX Casino?

First of all, it's a good idea to check out what methods of withdrawal the Internet casino TopX offers to Indian gamblers. Although there aren't many, the procedure is fast and the TopX minimum withdrawal is reduced to the lowest threshold. At this time, players can use two options - PayTM and PhonePE.

Now let's take a look at the maximum and minimum withdrawal in TopX.

Payment SystemTopX minimum withdrawal amount, INRTopX max withdrawal limit, INR

As you can see, the TopX withdrawal limit is the same in both cases, however, the fees and the time it takes to process the transaction may differ.

Step-by-step Withdrawal Instructions

Please note that proof of TopX withdrawal will be performed within 7 days after account verification. Once you have passed KYC (to make sure that TopX withdrawal time will be as short as possible), read our instructions and follow the same steps.

Step 1: Go to the Withdrawal Section

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that all the funds received in promotions are wagered. Only after that go to the Top X Deposits section in the upper right area. Next, proceed to Withdrawal of Funds.

Step 2: Select a Withdrawal Method

A list of available payment systems will open and you can choose the right one. However, it is better to use the same method that you used to deposit to your account.

Step 3: Enter Data for Withdrawal

Enter the payment amount and don't forget that there is a TopX minimum withdrawal in India that you should have on your balance. If everything is ok, then enter the payment details.

Step 4: Confirm Request

Check carefully the accuracy of the entered information and if everything is correct, it is necessary to press the confirmation key. It can be found at the screen footer as the one highlighted in red and labeled Withdraw.

Top X withdrawal

Processing time and fees

All games featured in the collection are well known for their decent RTP rates. Once luck has smiled on you, naturally, you are interested in how much TopX imps withdrawal time is.

Processing time by TopX methods

This web casino makes every possible effort to ensure that each player receives his funds as soon as possible. Processing the request will take no more than 72 hours, provided that the withdrawal amount does not exceed EUR 1,000 or an equivalent amount of funds in Indian rupees. If the amount is higher, the request will be considered within seven days. These rules apply to all payment systems.

Commissions by Method

You don't have to worry that TopX will charge a fee, as there is no commission. However, some percentages may be deducted by your operator that you have chosen for the cashout.

Tips and Advice for Players from India

Some newcomers may have a question: does TopX give withdrawal? No issues will arise if you follow some tips:

  1. If you want the TopX withdrawal time in India to be short, enter the correct data.
  2. Stick to the set limits so that you don't get rejected.
  3. Wager bonuses before withdrawing money from the balance.

Experienced gamblers who have been playing here for a long time have no doubts about whether TopX withdrawal real or fake, as they know that the casino pays out honestly, quickly, and without commissions.


  • 💳 How long does it take to withdraw funds from TopX Casino?

    Amounts up to EUR 1,000 will be approved within 72 hours, and if the request exceeds this amount - then within 7 days.

  • 💰 What documents are required for account verification?

    You need the following documents for KYC: NID, passport, or driver's license; a copy of your utility bill; a copy of your credit card. You need to send these details to the support email.

  • 👉 Can I cancel a withdrawal request?

    This procedure is possible only for good reasons.

  • ⌛ If I have a problem with a withdrawal at Top X, where do I turn?

    If you encounter a problem with a withdrawal at TopX, you should contact their customer support for assistance.

  • 💳 What should I do if my withdrawal is delayed?

    If your withdrawal is delayed, check the accuracy of your payment details and ensure all requirements are met. If the issue persists, contact TopX customer support for further assistance.

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