How to Play Lucky Jet at TopX Casino

How many ways do you know how to spend time in exciting rounds and multiply your bet up to 10,000 times? It's simple - launch Lucky Jet TopX and embark on an exciting journey. Don't forget to bring your wallet for betting, and afterward - fill it with real money. We'll tell you everything about how to play TopX Lucky Jet, Game Strategies, and other important details.

Top X lucky jet

Why Lucky Jet is Popular Among Players in India

Despite the fact that TopX Luckyjet belongs to the New Games category, it has become mega-popular among Indian gamblers within a short period of time. It is not surprising, as you can Lucky Jet TopX download on your smartphone, and bet on it with local currency. Millions of Indian players have already plunged headfirst into the exciting flying process, which gives a huge chance of profit every time.

Game Lucky Jet at TopX Casino

Can't wait to take advantage of these TopX Lucky Jet tricks? Then it's time to explore Real Money Betting and learn all about the rules, controls, and graphics.

Rules of the Game

So, the rules of the game are very simple. When you open the game, you are taken to the playing field displayed in the form of the sky with clouds. A superhero with a jetpack on his shoulders is flying upwards. He can fly for a second or a few minutes, and the higher he rises, the higher the multiplier is.

Each player becomes a TopX Lucky Jet predictor and tries to guess what multiplier the character will fly up to. You can catch them manually or bet in advance. The essence of gambling is as follows: if the multiplier is guessed, the bet is multiplied by it.

Interface and Controls

The game has a very simple design in purple shades that are pleasant to the eye. The main character with a fire backpack is well-seen on the field. There are two keys to control the bets, and there are also buttons to select the amount to bet.

Top X lucky jet

Main Game Screen

All online casinos have the same main display featuring:

  • main game field;
  • control buttons underneath it;
  • the game chat with three sections is on the left side: All, My, Top.

The top line displays the previous results, which can help you think about your own strategy and try to predict the next multiplier.

Buttons and Their Functions

Whether you download the Lucky Jet TopX apk or play on the Gaming platform TopX Casino, the control keys retain the same functions. The top line features:

  • speaker icon - sound control;
  • note icon - music activation;
  • question mark - table with game rules;
  • wallet - replenishment of the account.

Two identical buttons for betting with the following elements are placed under the game field:

  • automatic bet;
  • automatic withdrawal;
  • display with the current amount at stake;
  • adjusting the size of the bet.

The largest key is for bet fixation, it can be pressed every time or set to auto mode.

How to Start Playing Lucky Jet in TopX

Only a registered player who deposits funds can get the real winnings. For this purpose,

  1. Go to the official TopX website.
  2. Click the red button at the top labeled Sign Up.
  3. Enter your mobile number, and email, and come up with a password.
  4. Select your currency.
  5. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  6. Once you click the red Sign Up button, proceed by completing your registration.
  7. After that, authorize in the created profile.
  8. Go to the Deposits section in the top corner.
  9. Select the payment method and enter an amount of Rs. 300 or more.
  10. Fill out the form with the payment details and confirm the action.

After these steps, you need to activate the payment with your operator. The money will show up on the balance which is on the top row.

Useful Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Observe the game and the string of previous rounds for a while. This will help you think about your next bet. Play in Demo mode to gain experience. For those who don't like to take risks, you can play at minimum odds, such as x1.1.

If you want to play from your smartphone, you should Lucky Jet TopX apk download and launch any rounds in any convenient place. TopX Lucky Jet Signals Telegram with real-time analytics and other interesting news will help to increase the chances.

Advantages of the Luckyjet Game at TopX Casino

We offer some strong arguments in favor of the game to dispel the doubts of those who wonder whether Lucky Jet TopX is real or fake:

  • RTP is 97%;
  • the minimum bet starts at just 10 rupees;
  • multiplatform functionality and software download;
  • Lucky Jet hack TopX is impossible due to strong protection and encryption.

The Top X game has an official certificate and provides access to the verification of all legal documents.


  • 🎁 How long does each round last in Lucky Jet on TopX?

    A round can last either a few seconds or a few minutes. The game is powered by RNG, so it gives different independent results.

  • 🍀 Is it possible to play Lucky Jet for free?

    Yes, players are provided with a trial mode.

  • 💳 What are the minimum and maximum bets in the game?

    You can bet from a minimum of INR 10 and a maximum of INR 14,500.

  • 💰 Is it possible to download Lucky Jet TopX?

    Yes, you can download Lucky Jet TopX on your smartphone. The game is available for download, allowing you to play and bet conveniently from your device.

  • 🎮 What should I do if I have problems with the TopX Luckyjet game?

    If you encounter problems with the TopX Luckyjet game, check your internet connection, make sure your app is updated, and contact TopX Casino's customer support for further assistance.

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