How to Play Aviator at TopX Casino

Millions of Indian gamblers already know about the TopX Aviator game and successfully participate in quick rounds earning based on soaring odds. It is a unique development that has become popular in a matter of months. It features simple uncomplicated gameplay and instant payouts. Crash Game offers not just exciting but also very profitable Gambling, with minimal risk, colorful graphics, and numerous online participants. If you are not yet familiar with the Aviator game by TopX, we would love to tell you more about it.

Aviator game on TopX

Why Aviator is Popular Among Players in India

What makes Aviator by TopX so unique? First of all, it's a new approach to gameplay. Some online casinos mistakenly refer to this game as a slot. However, it has a completely different gameplay from the classic slot machines. Nevertheless, this is not the only reason why it is the soaring airplane that has won the hearts of the audience of all new games.

The second secret is a high probability of winning quickly, with the possibility of using different Game Strategies, dexterity, calculation, and, of course, luck.

Not to forget that the game supports Provably Fair, which indicates the absolute transparency of the results that anyone can check.

How Do You Play the Aviator Game at TopX Casino?

Now it's time to take a closer look at the rules, graphics, interface, and many other details you'll need to start making money with Aviator TopX official.

Rules of the Game

Before proceeding to Real Money Betting you should definitely learn all the rules, even though there are a minimal number of them. This fact of simplicity attracts even more people who want to make easy bets without breaking their heads over complex schemes.

So, the essence of TopX Aviator online is as follows: on the playing field rises up the airplane, with which the coefficient grows at the same time. The player bets in advance on a certain multiplier, which he thinks the aircraft will reach. You can also catch the coefficient manually - this process gives even more adrenaline. If the gambler manages to fix this multiplier, his bet will be increased accordingly.

Interface and Controls

Aviator game online TopX immediately draws attention with a bright design in red shades. At the same time, the betting buttons are highlighted in green, so you can't overlook or miss them. This interface simplifies the interaction with the Gaming platform as you can see all the controls and inscriptions.

It won't take much time to learn the settings. Read our TopX Aviator review and you'll know how to adjust the bet or change the automatic mode to manual, let's go!

Main Game Screen

The main screen of TopX Aviator live is divided into several important zones, and each of them will be needed in the game. The central one is the playing field itself, or more precisely, the runway for the airplane.

There is a dynamic feed with previous results above it, by which you can orient yourself for the next actions.

There is a game chat on the left, divided into three groups: general, personal, and top winners. Control buttons are placed under the game field. If the TopX Aviator game download on a smartphone, the interface will be identical.

Aviator Top X

Buttons and Their Functions

There are no function keys on the top panel, they are all centered at the bottom. When you open TopX Casino Aviator, you will see:

  • two large green buttons, each of which allows you to place individual bets;
  • switch to automatic betting with further settings for the number of rounds, limits of lost and won money;
  • a slider that allows you to fix the betting odds;
  • adjustment of the amount on the line.

It is easy to figure out these buttons in a few rounds. Demo mode with free bets, will help in this.

How to Start Playing Aviator in TopX

Those who are interested in real winnings while playing lucky Aviator TopX, rather than entertainment in demo mode, need to open an account, authorize, and deposit money on the balance. Do you know how to do this? Catch the instructions:

  1. On the official TopX website, click the red button in the right corner at the top.
  2. Fill in all fields of the form and check the box agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
  3. Click on the red button labeled Sign Up then complete the procedure.
  4. Now you need to TopX Aviator login by entering your registration details.
  5. The red button at the top Deposits will appear.
  6. Enter the wallet section, select the payment system, and specify the amount of the deposit.
  7. Confirm the payment in your bank.

Soon you will have a balance with the deposit amount, and now you can move on to the game itself. If you are using the Aviator app TopX, the steps are the same.

Useful Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Experienced high rollers know how to get more wins. We will share a couple of tips with you.

The first one is to watch the top line and analyze the frequency of big odds.

The second one is to make one bet on small odds. and the second one is to take risks. Even if you fail to catch a big score, the first bet will partially recoup the loss.

Some gamblers target the multipliers of 1.2-1.3, which fall out most often while playing the.TopX bet Aviator on This is a long-distance game, but your bankroll will grow little by little.

Advantages of the Aviator Game at TopX Casino

There is no end to the advantages of the Aviator game at TopX but we will highlight the most obvious ones:

  • high RTP (Return to Player) rate of 97%, which is rare even in the most generous slots;
  • dynamic gameplay - rounds are played every 5 seconds;
  • simple rules - a beginner can master them in a few minutes;
  • display statistics - it helps to analyze previous results;

two bets at once in one round - more opportunities and victories.

You can play on the TopX Aviator website or download the application on your smartphone - this is also a big plus to all the advantages.


  • 🎁 How long does each round last in Aviator na TopX?

    The round time depends on how much the multiplier will increase. The game can last from 1 to 40 seconds.

  • 🍀 Is it possible to play Aviator for free?

    Yes, if you choose the demo mode, which is a good tool to familiarize yourself with the game. However, it is impossible to withdraw your winnings.

  • 💳 What are the minimum and maximum bets in the game?

    Players can bet from 1 to 100 dollars or the equivalent in another currency.

  • 💰 Is it possible to download Aviator TopX?

    Yes, the developer offers an app that can be downloaded as an apk file to your smartphone or tablet.

  • 🎮 What should I do if I have problems with the TopX aviation game?

    Any questions related to game, technical, and financial problems should be addressed to the support team via live chat or message in Telegram.

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